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Biography and experiences in
Thai boxing of Dr.Yodtong Senanan

Master Yodtong was born in Banpong, Ratchaburi. He was first interested in Thai boxing in his childhood. Sithidech was his first boxing teacher. The first match of his boxing life is at the annual festival which are “Ratchadamnoen” and “Lumpini” boxing stadiums. Master Yodtong relocated his settlements for several times, until he moved to live in Master Suwan Senanan’s boxing camp. In the mean time, Master Suwan had changed his title from “Erawan Sitsorn” to “Yodtong Senanan”.

The inspiration that made Master Yodtong impressed in Thai boxing and wanted to be a professional is because he loved to watch the boxing matches in the temples’ festivals since he was four years old. His impression in his childhood, along with his love of reading, helped him to be able to remember the delicate gestures of Thai boxing, which he adapted and practiced in his own way.

Master Yodtong had countless experiences in the arts of Thai boxing. The first championship of his boxing camp is Daotong Sityodtong, who was the Lumpini boxing championship in 1971. Also, another unforgettable work that he did was to fight for Thai boxing’s honor when a Japanese man named Osamu Noguji had insulted Thai boxing, until he could return its glory. Master Yodtong had invited to be the consultant of Thai boat race, which is an important festival of Pattaya city, supporting the poor children, the assistant of village leader and many other important positions that he assigned to be.

Up until today, Master Yodtong had crossed so many troubles and obstacles. He started his career from being an ordinary boxer to be a World class boxing master. Master Yodtong had brought up the fame for the region and for the nation. These are a brief biography of Master Yodtong.

Master Yodtong Senanan’s biography
First match – a.k.a. “Erawan Dechprasit”
First renowned match –a.k.a. “Yodtong Senanan”

Founded “Sityodtong” boxing camp and became the boxing umpire in the age of 22

Became the assistant of Mabtapud village leader and the committee of Mabtapud Market Sanitation

“Daotong Sityodtong” became the first Lumpini boxing championship

Returned the honor of Thai boxing from a Japanese named Osamu Noguji

“Samart Payukarun” got Thai Boxing Championship and World Boxing Championship

Performed Thai boxing arts in Pitsanu Nilklad’s “Yod-muay-ake” TV show

Trained over a hundred of Thai youth to perform the arts of Thai boxing in Mae Dome Games

The Amateur Thai Boxing Association honored him as the great master of Thai boxing

Received the honorary Doctoral degree for the study of Thai boxing

Master Yodtong Senanan’s brief biography

For over 50 years, Master Yodtong Senanan had proved to be the one who deeply adores Thai boxing since his childhood. His determination pushed him to cross over numerous obstacles in life. He is a great teacher who sacrificed for the community, to sustain the arts of Thai boxing for next generations and national treasures later on.

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