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Expanding Thai martial arts

By expanding Thai martial arts, there must be strongly emphasis on the importance and the true value of Thai boxing. Expanding the knowledge is the way to pass on the teaching of the masters to the students. Sityodtong Boxing camp uses many methods of expansion and use it to many groups of people, for example, the individual teachings between the master and the student, the group teachings, the teaching of the master to the foreigners or even televised teaching. Master Yodtong spread his teachings to the community, society, neighbor countries and around the world, which brought him a huge group of fellows across the continents. He has been showing the art of Thai boxing in several occasions through the media and events, as following,

1. Expanding Thai martial arts in Thai society – Master Yodtong has been teaching Thai boxing to every single person, and in responding, it becomes extremely popular among the foreigners. Mass of attentions provokes Thai people to start to interest more about it. However, there are some governments that wouldn’t support and abandoned Thai boxing, Master Yodtong and his students in the camp had to help strengthen and expanding it. By creating young generation to be good Thai citizen that loves Thai martial arts, it would continuously emphasize the heart to help conserving, supporting and expanding Thai boxing to be the national heritage later on.

2. Expanding Thai martial arts to community – With Master Yodtong as the leader, he would bring Thai boxing into many departments and organizations, for instance, Pattaya City and Rayong’s prison, which affected to the criminals’ relaxation, and to exhibited Thai martial arts in the universiade sports game (Mae dome Games, Thupathemee. Since then, Thai boxing had been increasingly become more promoted and expanded. The boxing games were starting to be organized and it became the demonstrated sport in the Asian Games in 1998.

3. The first expansion of Thai boxing arts at Cambodia in 1971 – As the condition of Cambodia at that time that were full of battles and loss, Master Yodtong got contacted from Mr.Hao Somboon to bring his boxers to Cambodia. His consideration based on the fact that he wants to expand the knowledge of Thai martial arts and that time was considered the first Thai boxing match of abroad.

4. Expanding Thai martial arts to the World stage – The first foreigners that wanted to study about Thai boxing in Sityodtong’s boxing camp was a Dutch named Rusien Garbin, who came across the world to learn it more deeply, and he also used the name “Sityodtong”. Back in Netherland, Garbin became publicly famous in the advertisements for several months, which make Sityodtong Boxing Camp to be World famous.

The strategies of expanding Thai martial arts by Sityodtong Boxing camp could be divided into three parts, as following,

1. Expansion within the camp – The staffs and faculties in Sityodtong Boxing camp are al, ready to be provided, including the highly-experienced boxing coaches, boxing utilities and spaced area. The teachings are all conducted from real experiences of the masters. Most of the students are foreigners from Asia and Europe, which Master Yodtong would strongly emphasis on Thai martial arts more than using violence, and will teaching it as a form of art, not for commercials.

2. Expanding to public and private departments and organizations, extended to schools, youth reformatory, prisons, department stores, companies and clubs etc. Master Yodtong would be ahead as the leader, and with the staffs from Sityodtong Boxing camp along with the boxing teachers and boxers themselves, to expand the knowledge about the history of Thai martial arts, Master Yodtong’s biographies and accomplishments. Afterwards, there will be the basic lessons of Thai boxing in both theoretically and practically, including the uses of fist, kick, knee and elbow. Plus, the demonstration will also exhibits Master Yodtong’s unique style of Thai boxing gestures, Thai boxing classical dance ritual and Thai boxing folk arts such as “Kra-pruan” boxing and “Tub-jark” boxing.

3. Expanding to international level, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Russia, The United States of America etc. Master Yodtong would usually on the tour himself, or sending the boxing teachers from Sityodtong Boxing Camp to organize seminars about Thai martial arts for expanding the knowledge about the techniques and fighting guidance. The seminars would be held in groups, and the attendants would also study the specific terms of boxing in Thai language for more understanding and really getting into Thai culture.

Master Yodtong has always put heavy efforts in expanding the knowledge of Thai boxing, because he want it to be widespread among the youth, students, people who is interested and also for the foreigners. His aim is to see these people keep expanding Thai boxing knowledge and to be beneficial boxing teachers for the society and the nation. the history of Sityodtong boxing camp, along with the accomplishments, past to present photographs, and also the traditions of Thai boxing.

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